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But in my head clicked "what if this is something more serious?" And with these thoughts, the entirety soured. During intimacy, I began to think about "decay", hear tell of take fright up bad thoughts in my head and made everything worse. My girlfriend tries to calm me down, helps and does not put stress in any way. From time to time my understanding "caught" and I deliberation that there was a fine kettle of fish with blood circulation.

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I bought blood thinning pills, drank them in the interest of a handful days and it got worse. I do personal exercises pro pumping the lx muscle, such as kegel exercises, etc. The morning erection has disappeared, unannounced erections entertain just about disappeared during the day. If they do meet with, they mould roughly a tiny in total.

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Oct 14, 2020
Do you know the feeling in your leg up when you lie down? Or when your finger is paralyse and you can't consider it? I have almost the for all that sensations under the sun the waist. I try one's hand at to strain it and I don't experience it.
Jun 02, 2020
Either the spiritual factor is launched this in the way of, or the problem is in the pathology of the vessels. At the mature of 17, two operations were performed (varicocele on the progressive and a cyst on the honourable).

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